Honored to be elected Second VP of the NRA

It is a great honor to be trusted by my fellow directors at the National Rifle Association for the role of Second Vice President. This is a responsibility both great and humbling because of the work of the NRA for a century and a half to support training, community, and advocacy for our precious foundational freedoms. It is a monumental task that is shouldered by many.

What gives me great hope is the continuing story of the NRA as a champion of good people with a mission.  Because every day the members of the NRA pour their heart and soul into our firearm communities by demonstrating what responsible gun ownership is, that join with friends and family for fun and fellowship at the range, who are empowering others with ways to defend themselves and their loved ones, and who advocate for our civil liberty, our precious right to bear arms in defense of self and country.


This is where I am thrilled to take on this role as your Second Vice President, so that we show who we truly are, what we truly do, and what we truly care about.

President Trump’s Keynote, 2019 NRA Annual Meetings

Hear Mark’s Story…

Mark shared his story of stopping an extremist attack with an AR-15 during President Trump’s keynote speech at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis

President of the Oklahoma Rifle Association

In 2022, Mark was elected President of the Oklahoma Rifle Association and has been working with the executive committee to revive Oklahoma’s NRA State Affiliate. Oklahoma has long been a safe harbor for the shooting sports and gun ownership. However to protect the freedoms our state enjoys, Mark realizes the work needs to be done now to build up the state’s firearm clubs and communities and working with the NRA to provide legislate action and support for Oklahoma’s gun owners.

Stay Updated

Mark shares updates on the work of the NRA from his vantage point as 2nd VP and as President of a State Association.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Join Mark in his support of the many firearm communities and hear him speak at these upcoming events.

Get to Know Mark Vaughan

Find out more about Mark’s involvement in the local and national shooting communities, his background as a business executive, his passion to pass on his love and knowledge of the shooting sports, and his community involvement as a law enforcement officer.

Championing Women Leadership in the Shooting Sports

I stepped in 25 years ago with the idea to start a Women’s Division so ladies with little to no experience could learn about shooting sports and firearms safety in a fun and supportive environment. At the same time, the NRA introduced the Women on Target program, and just like that, we hosted the first event and have hosted the largest Women on Target event in the nation ever since. Mark played a critical part in bringing the Women’s Division to our club and the first Women on Target event to Oklahoma City. Mark was my strongest supporter in this endeavor and made all opportunities and resources available to me in support of the first ever Women’s Division at the Oklahoma City Gun Club. For all but one of the 24 years, he has been there to help with the Women on Target event.

Having had the opportunity to know and work closely with Mark all these years, I can tell you he has proven himself the leader we need and will be a resonating voice that will champion women in shooting sports.

-Suzi Rouse, President of the Oklahoma City Gun Club


Learn more about Mark from the people he’s worked with over the years and connected with through his campaign.

Taking Action for Future Generations

Each of you make a difference in protecting our Second Amendment freedoms with your involvement and love of the shooting sports. But more than ever, we need more people stepping up to the firing line to ensure the generations to come continue to enjoy our firearm heritage. I have seen the difference that this makes serving at the local level with the Oklahoma City Gun Club, at the state level as the president of the Oklahoma Rifle Association, and then at a national level serving on the NRA board and as 2nd VP.


Personal Freedom

Our founding fathers were very aware of the importance of defending one’s self from both personal attack and tyrannical abuse of power from a government. These basic freedoms, whether you’re speaking of the freedom of speech or religion, or the press, or of assembly, or the right to keep and bear arms, are not bought once and then forgotten. These foundational freedoms are precious and must continually be fought for and protected.

Vision for Shooting Sports

Like all great movements, this one rests with the people, regardless of race, gender, background, etc. My vision for shooting sports encompasses all groups – including non-traditional. I’ve seen first-hand the real opportunity to bring communities together and solidify them through shooting sports and hunting.

Fostering Community through Shooting Sports

One of my passions is helping folks with their shooting and have been an NRA instructor for 20 years. But more than that, I love working with youth and different groups with teaching and shooting sports. I also love to join in on the fun and have competed in many different disciplines. All this builds the community at the local level, and the heart of the NRA is the local community.

Support of the Law Enforcement Community

As a law enforcement officer myself, I understand well the sacrifice the men and women out there make each and every day in the daily work of protecting citizens. I’ve served on the NRA’s Law Enforcement Assistance Committee since 2016. Through the many NRA law enforcement training programs and competition, we help to keep our officers prepared.

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